What are you doing reading this?! You should be volunteering for the ATC!
No wait, read this first…then volunteer for the ATC.

The zero day.
It’s a day when a hiker doesn’t actually hike.
Non-hikers refer to it as a “day.”

There’s a good chance you’ve already spotted Louis ‘DreamWalker’ Ayers on the trail.
He was that pole-wielding blur that successfully hiked from Springer to Katahdin last year. And he’s also our Sasquatch-Approved Happenin’ Hiker of the Week!
You can read more about his 2,181 mile adventure right

Are you a blue blazer? A yellow blazer? A tried and true, traditional white blazer?
Do you think I’m talking about men’s formal wear?
Either way, feel free to check out Mickie ‘Mouse’ Admundson’s take on the many colorful hiking styles of the A.T. (Jacket not required.)

The A.T. is 75?!
It doesn’t look a day over 72!

Man meets bear.
Bear meets man.
Man screams loudly.
For a more in-depth version, click below.

Ever wonder what a thru-hiker thinks about?
Mostly pizza.
But luckily Kate Imp finds time for other deep thoughts.

Sometimes Ray Peck Jr. likes to take a little break from his hike…by going on a hike.

“Sometimes, in order to be found, one must be lost.”–
It’s possible we just made up that quote.
Or Yoda said it.
Either way, it’s true.

Yep, you read that right. Lori “Passionflower” Overton recalls her up close and personal encounter with, um, the back end of a black bear.