Close your eyes, take a deep breath and get ready to read Kate Imp’s blog.
Though you will need to open your eyes for that.
Sorry for the confusion.

Some people might say losing a toenail on the Appalachian Trail is a bad thing. Those people aren’t Carla Akers.


Do you believe in magic? 

The Sasquatch does.

But then he also reads a lot of Harry Potter.

Yep, you’re a walking all-you-can eat buffet for the many ticks of the trail.
And kids eat free.

You may eventually bump into Emily “Peach” Chadwick on the trail. But until then, get to know the Sasquatch-approved Happenin’ Hiker of the Week right

Come walk 2,100 miles in Nancy Shepherd’s shoes.
We’ll wait if you need to stretch first.

Hitchhiking. It’s not just for horror movie villains anymore. Unless they’re horror movie villains that happen to be enjoying a peaceful hike on the A.T.