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Some hike the Appalachian Trail to test personal boundaries of mental and physical endurance.
Others prefer a more transcendent experience and use the Trail to be one with nature. You could ask a hundred different people why they hike the A.T. and you’d probably get a hundred different answers.
But whatever their motives may be, they come back, time and time again, because they love the Appalachian Trail!
That’s why the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC) wants to know why do you love the A.T.? They will be accepting video-shorts, no longer than three minutes, which answer the question, “Why do you love the Appalachian Trail?”
Be Creative! You have roughly 2,180 miles to work with, so the possibilities are endless! Tell the world what the Trail means to you and why you keep coming back for more. Your video may showcase your favorite section of the Trail, your favorite song to sing while trekking along, or hiking with friends and family. We just want to see what keeps drawing you back to the A.T.!

The grand prize winner will receive a custom ATC hammock, courtesy of ENO™, have their video screened at this year’s “Discover the Appalachian Trail” Fall membership drive, be featured in A.T. Journeys (The Official Magazine of the A.T.) and the ATC’s YouTube page.

Submitting a video is quick and easy! Simply visit our Facebook page: ( and locate the tab marked “Video Contest”. You’ll find it just under our cover photo near our “Likes” and “Photos.”

Videos will be accepted from Wednesday, June 27th, 2012 through Sunday, September 2nd, 2012.

This story was provided by the friendly folks at ATC. To see more rules, requirements and other lawyerly stuff click here.

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