If it seems like Ross Hayduk is hiking with purpose these days…that’s because he is.
When the Sasquatch Hiker of the Week finally summits Katahdin (probably sometime next week) he’ll become the first official “openly HIV positive thru-hiker” to tackle the 2,180 mile challenge. To learn more about Hadek’s cause check out his site right here.

Just how wild is it out there?
We’re talking bears, moose, severe storms, venomous snakes and occasionally…zero bars on the cell phone.
Read on if you dare.

How ’bout a hand for Lori ‘Passionflower’ Overton!!
She just walked in from Georgia, and boy are her legs tired!

(That’s not a joke. That could literally be true.)

This is what it sounds like when backpackers cry.
Kind of like doves…except sobbier.

Rumor has it, Sinatra’s New York, New York is actually about Monson, Maine.
Though, it’s possible that rumor was started by us.
Just now.

Lee Barry successfully hiked the entire 2,180-mile-long trail at the age of 81.
What’s your excuse?
Um, besides that it’s 2,180 miles long, we mean.

You may eventually bump into Jimmie Jackson on the trail. But until then, get to know the Sasquatch-approved Happenin’ Hiker of the Week right here!

Some run like the wind.
Others run like the wind if the wind was suffering from a side-cramp.

Ok, so you didn’t exactly cross that 2,180-mile finish line.
Don’t be ashamed.
Valerie Stanley and Teddy Roosevelt are here to put things in perspective.

Rowdy” Rev. Arthur Yates may have retired from the trail, but that doesn’t mean he’s not Hiker of the Week-worthy. Check out one of his many on-trail adventures right here.