Stealth Camping: Because we all have the right to sleep outside for free.
It’s even in the Constitution. Somewhere in the back, we think.

What’s not to love about life on the Appalachian Trail?
Besides the occasional violent stomach virus, we mean.

Soups on!
Grab a spork, pull up a camping chair and enjoy a heaping helping of Kory Stotesbery’s Sasquatch-approved gear review!
Though please remember to BYOS.*
*Bring Your Own Spork

Ah, Halloween. It’s Sasquatch’s favorite holiday.
A day when he’s free to roam without making a scene, and everyone compliments him on his awesome Chewbacca costume.

Don’t believe every celebrity who’s ever been on MTV’s Cribs.
This is where the magic really happens.
Unless that celebrity happened to be David Copperfield.

It was like trying to find a needle in a haystack.
Except the needle was a cell phone. And the haystack was the Appalachian Trail.
So maybe it was nothing like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Consider it Katahdone!
Or “Katadid” if you’re don’t mind being grammatically incorrect.