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It has now been 7 months and 8 days since we left Springer Mountain to depart on our epic Appalachian adventure.
In this time that we have been back from the Trail, I find myself constantly reminiscing about moments from our journey.  Sections of Trail, campsites, people, towns, food, lack of food, animals, weather, sunrises, sunsets, fun moments, and sad moments.  Times in which we celebrated and laughed on a mountaintop and times in which we struggled and cried in utter exhaustion.

We experienced so much on the AT.  I enjoy writing about it, and I enjoy talking with people and answering their questions.  I want to present you guys with a quick summary in numbers.  Some of these might be common knowledge for anyone interested in the AT, but the rest are specific to our thru-hike.

The Appalachian Trail in Numbers

5,500,000 - approximate number of steps taken (based on 2500 steps per mile)
3,000,000 - approximate number of visitors to the Trail each year
160,000 - approximate number of white blazes painted along the Trail
6,643 - highest elevation in feet (Clingmans Dome, Great Smoky Mountains National Park)
2,184.2 - miles of Trail, Spring Mountain to Mount Katahdin
1,964 - number of stream/river crossings
1937 - year in which the AT was completed (2012 being the 75th anniversary)
550 - miles in Virginia (longest State)
260 - approximate number of shelters on the Trail
178 - days on the Trail
128 - days of Starbucks VIA instant coffee until having to buy more in the store (GA to NY)
124 - lowest elevation in feet (Bear Mountain Zoo, NY)
75 - snakes (5 being venomous)
46 - KitFox falls
43 - minutes it took to each consume a half gallon of ice cream
38 - average pack weight in pounds for ManCub
35 - cats
28 - average pack weight in pounds for KitFox
27 - neros
26 - longest day in miles
25 - % of thru-hikers who successfully finish
19 - twenty plus mile days
18 - ManCub falls
17 - longest hitch in miles (Grafton Notch to Bethel, ME)
16 - number of times one could climb Mt. Everest equivalent to elevation gain on the AT
14 - States traversed
12.3 - average mileage per day
12 - zeros
10 - most consecutive days without a shower (ManCub)
5 - bears
5 - National Park Sites (Great Smoky Mountains, Blue Ridge Pkwy, Shenandoah, Harpers Ferry, Delaware Water Gap)
4 - miles in West Virginia (shortest State)
2 - movies seen in theaters (Hunger Games and The Avengers)
2 - shelters stayed in
1 - moose
0.2 - shortest day in miles
0 - number of days slackpacking

Micah Goldberg a.k.a ManCub recently hiked every mile of the A.T. with (then-girlfriend, now-fiancéd) Anna a.k.a KitFox. Read all about their awesome A.T. adventures right here.
And thanks for sharing with the Sasquatch Micah!

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