Join Nancy Shepherd as she recalls the high life and highlights on the Appalachian Trail.
Though, this article is not affiliated with Miller High Life.
Or Cheech and Chong.

Yes, Stotesbery’s prose on poo may make you want to go hug your trusty toilet.
Though not in a stomach-flu kind of way.

There’s a good chance you’ve already spotted Louis ‘DreamWalker’ Ayers on the trail.
He was that pole-wielding blur that successfully hiked from Springer to Katahdin last year. And he’s also our Sasquatch-Approved Happenin’ Hiker of the Week!
You can read more about his 2,181 mile adventure right

Yep, you read that right. Lori “Passionflower” Overton recalls her up close and personal encounter with, um, the back end of a black bear.

 Would you prefer it if all major highway intersections were marked by white blaze? Do you wish your shampoo would make you smell a little more like campfire? Do you often find yourself parking in the last row at Walmart, just so you have to walk a little further to buy your Little Debbies snack cakes? 

If so, you might be suffering from a condition known as A.T. Withdrawals.

Don’t worry. Nancy Shepherd knows just what you’re going through.

It’s a little known fact that Shakespeare was talking about A.T. trail names when he asked the fateful question. Though, um, we can’t back that up.
But we can vouch for Ray Peck Jr.’s story on the curious nature of trail naming. Read on…

‘Cause where else can you meet such nice people by the name of Subway, Wanderer, Syndrome and Voltron?
Outside of a Marvel comic book, we mean.
To read about Lori “Passionflower’ Overton and her new-found hiking buddies click below…

A poster caught my eye. Andrew Skurka was going to put on a free backpacking clinic on Saturday followed by a slide show of his hike around Alaska and the Yukon. I knew I wouldn’t miss it.