Hit the trail with the Meltons! Hopefully you’ll be able to keep up. They’ve got a lot of ground to cover before dark.

Hiking is a family affair for the Meltons.
But don’t worry, they won’t mind if you tagalong too.


Jimmie Jackson gets a front row seat to Nature’s most impressive pyrotechnic display. Though he really would have just settled for the cheap seats.

An Appalachian Trail thru-hike is full of many challenges.
But this is the Maine one.
Sorry for that.

We’ve checked the math. It all adds up.
1 strand of barbwire + 48 stitches + 2,184 miles=1 tough hiker.

Gather round the campfire and grab yourself a heaping helping of Sasquatch-approved cheesy tomato pasta!
Though, um, sorry about the fur. The Sasquatch doesn’t believe in hairnets.

It’s time for an algebraic A.T. pop quiz!
Make sure you show all your work.
And no copying off Micah, please.