Crevasses, caves and boulders oh my! Join Jimmie Jackson as he scrambles his way up Mahoosuc Notch. And then take a long nap if you need to…

Hiking with a full pack is kind of like taking a walk with a full-sized Golden Retriever strapped to your back. Unless, that is, you find the right kind of pack.
Then it’s more like a medium-sized Golden Retriever…

Yes, the truth will wake you.
Especially when you’re sleeping in an AT hiking shelter.
But most of the time that’ll just be the snoring.

Q: How many trees are on the Appalachian Trail?
A: We don’t know. But here are the answers to much easier questions…

Lost? Stranded? Kind of hungry? Don’t panic. Just listen to Nancy Shepherd. The following 10 essentials can guide you safely out of the woods and to the nearest Big Mac.

Sometimes a walk from Georgia to Maine can feel as
hard as…well, a walk from Georgia to Maine.
Kate Imp’s been there. But she kept on walking…

Grab the Advil and join Adam Rambin as he journeys through the Seven Stages of A.T. Pain.
And if you have any Icy-Hot, bring that too.