The ATC is looking for a few good volunteers this off-season.
Or, really, even semi-good volunteers will do.

Jimmie Jackson recalls one perfect sunny day
on a Maine mountaintop, when he finally saw the sign.
No relation to Ace of Base’s sign though.
(At least we don’t think.)

There’s a special bond shared by A.T. thru-hikers.
It’s something that can only come through experiencing the same sights, sounds, smells, feelings and smells that go along with a 2,184-mile hike.
Did I mention smells twice? ‘Cause I meant to.

Leave the extension cord at home, hiker!
Carla Akers has all the electricity you need in her
Sasquatch-Approved Gear Review!
(Unless you’re planning on using a hair dryer. Really, you should probably just towel-dry.)

When planning a thru-hike it’s best to bring along a proper muse.
Don’t worry if you forgot yours though, you can usually find one along the trail.

You may eventually run into Puma Ghostwalker on the trail.
But until them, check out the awesome Sasquatch-approved nature pics of the Happenin’ Hiker of the Week right here!

Can you ever be completely prepared for a 2,000-mile hike?
No. Not at all.
But reading this will help you fake it.

Stealth Camping: Because we all have the right to sleep outside for free.
It’s even in the Constitution. Somewhere in the back, we think.

What’s not to love about life on the Appalachian Trail?
Besides the occasional violent stomach virus, we mean.