Editor’s Outpost

Come walk a mile in my pants
By Matt Aiken

I have adventure pants.
At first you might think they’re regular pants.
Because they look like pants. Mild mannered khaki pants with belt loops and pockets and, um, foothole folds. (Or I guess they call those cuffs.)
But that’s only because you haven’t seen them in action.
You haven’t seen them trudging through an overgrown trail.
You haven’t seen them wading through an icy river stream. You haven’t seen them stuffed full of survival provisions like Pop Tarts and granola bars. (Though this occasionally happens with my regular pants).
Really, you just haven’t seem them on an adventure.
Because when I go on an adventure, I wear these pants.
And it’s times like these that I like to think they look cool enough, rugged enough and, yes, adventuresome enough to be worn by the world’s ultimate adventure pants wearer: Indiana Jones.
That’s right, North Face is cool and Patagonia is great, but when it comes to outdoor apparel, every guy really just wants to wear the exact same outfit as Indiana Jones.
Not some of the time either. All of the time.
To work.
To school.
To church.
To Kentucky Fried Chicken.
But especially to archeological digs that may or may not involve Nazis.
Right now my adventure pants are hanging in the darkest spot of my closet. Between my Livsey Elementary School class T-shirt that still strangely fits and my blue blazer with gold buttons that kind of makes me look like a sportscaster.
But no more my friends.
My pants deserve better.
So I will give them better.
See, I’ve spent the past seven years working for a newspaper in the foothills of the Appalachians called The Dahlonega Nugget. It’s a job I’ve loved, but at times, when the weather warms and the breeze blows and the bleeeep of the office phone finally silences, I can hear the trail.
It’s out there. It’s calling.
And it’s mocking me for my comfortable attachment to my monitor and my rolling chair and my non-adventuresome pants that could occasionally be described as, well, um, slacks.
The trail is only a few miles away, so it can get rudely loud at times.
But it wasn’t until about a year ago that the thought occurred to me; while I’m searching for stories in the town of Dahlonega, there are enough adventurous tales going on on that loud-mouthed trail out there to fill an entire magazine.
And so I’m starting one.
Traveling Sasquatch is an online magazine that will feature the best A.T. blogs and pics that are already on the Internet combined with features and columns and stories of my own.
I’m putting it together in a big, glossy, easy-to-read, magazine-like format that will ultimately become an exciting mixture of tales from the trail. Yes, a trail mix. But with more cashews and M & Ms than raisins.
Hopefully, this will catch on. But even it it doesn’t it’ll be an adventure, right?
So let the adventure begin!
Which means it’s time for me to change my pants.
And just like everybody, I put ‘em on one foothole at a time.